REMICA PLASTIC MACHINERY MFRS One of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters Hi-tech plastic extrusion plant and machinery which are suitable for manufacturing, HDPE Woven Bags making machine, Fabric, PP/HDPE/PET Straps, PP/HDPE Monofilament for Rope/Twine, Fibrillating Rope/Twine , Jumbo Bags, Extrusion Coating Lamination on PP/HDPE Fabric, Bags, Paper, PP Sutli Plastic String, Wire and Cable Coating Rigid PVC Pipes and Profile, Heavy Duty Grinder, Mixer, High speed Mixer etc. Our products are sophisticated, Cost effective, User friendly and produce best results. Some of the products that we manufacture include: Plastic Extruder, Plastic Extrusion Plant, Plastic Machinery, extrusion plant for plastics

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Remica Group of Industries - Pioneer In Plastic Extrusion Technology,        Extrusion Coating Plant for 12 ft Fabric With Melt Pump - (First Time In India)
1. Wovensack (TAPE) Plant
2. Extrusion Coating Plant for 12 ft Fabric With Melt Pump - (First Time In India)
3. Extrusion Lamination Plant
4. Monofilament Plant For PP/HDPE
5. Box Straping Plant For PP/HDPE/PET
6. LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE Blown Film Plant
7. Jumbo Blown Film Plant
8. Sutli Plant (Synthetic String)
9. Cane Plant


Blow Moulding Plant
11. Co-Extrusion Blown Film Plant
12. Heavy Duty Scrap Grinder
13. High Speed Mixer
14. HM-HDPE/LLDPE Blown Film Plant
15. PP Straw And Refil Making Plant
16. PP-TQ Blown Film Plant
17. PVC Kishan Pipe Plant
18. Rigid PVC Pipes And Profiles
19. Reprocessing Plant
20. Two Color Box Strapping Plant
21. Two Color Cane Plant
22. Winders
23. Agglomarator for Raffia Waste
24. Reprocess Plant for PP/HDPE/LDPE
25. Remica Mixer Machine

About Us

It is a matter of proud for us that “REMICA PLASTIC MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS” came in to existence in the year 1969, say about four decades back in industrial vibrant zone of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) “REMICA PLASTIC MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS” is one of the pioneers in plastic extrusion technology and the leader manufacturers and exporter of “REMICA EXTRUSION PLANTS AND CIRCULAR WEAVING LOOMS IN INDIA”.
Our unit is located in the midst of the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. “Remica Plastic Machinery Manufacturers” is exclusively specified in designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion plants and circular weaving looms having advanced and precise processing equipments by our technical experts and High – Tech skills.
Remica Plastic Machinery manufacturer Regd. office and Plant
Having more than 40 year of efforts and experience, we have reached at the peak of excellence and enjoy very high reputation for our technological superiority, consistence high quality of product and committed services to our valued customers. The entire range of our products being manufactured under one roof of our workshop.

To date, REMICA has delivered approx 1500 various extrusion plants in the country and abroad by which we take proud that indirectly more than 15000 people have got employment in the country. We also take proud for our presence in the Global Market and export our various extrusion plants in MIDDLE EAST countries as well as in EAST AFRICAN countries.

We are also a recipient of many Awards for our excellency like VIJAY RATNA, EXCELLENCE AWARD, UDHYOG RATNA, UDHYOG SHREE and pride of ASIA INTERNATIONAL AWARD and GOLD MEDAL.

Recently REMICA GROUP has started the production of LDPE lamination work on paper / Alluminium foils / Paper with fabrics / BOPP with fabrics / etc.. under the banner of “REMICA INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD.”

Our dream is to design and innovate High -Tech Novel Plants and to export them in the entire Global Market in near future.
Why do people choose REMICA
Users Friendly. Simple operation and low maintenance.
Manufactured from state of the art technology.
Wide range of machinery to choose from.
High output.
Versatile design to suit individual clients requirement.
Long life and prompt after sales service.
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Phone No. : 0091-79-25712741
Fax No. : 0091-79-25714234
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